Here at Progressive Health & Rehab, where you’ll find one of the most trusted Gahanna chiropractors, we see a lot of patients whose jobs put their spine in harms way far too often. If you’ve suffered a work-related injury to your spine, you know exactly how costly it can be – financially, mentally, and physically. Is your job putting your spine at risk?

Two of the leading occupations that put your spine at risk of injury are construction workers and those who work in nursing homes and hospitals – specifically nurses. These employees are at the highest risk for neck and back injury!

Construction workers spend quite a bit of time repeatedly bending, lifting, pulling, carrying, and tugging objects that are often awkward and heavy. These repetitive movements often lead to overuse injuries and it’s extremely common for construction workers to suffer from back pain. If you’re a worker who spends a lot of time on ladders or scaffolding, the risks from falling and injuring your spine are sometimes life-threatening!

Nursing home workers and nurses are also at high risk for back injuries and pain. In fact, a study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that almost 80% of all shoulder and pack injuries results from nurses moving patients. Anything from transferring a patient to and from their bed, the bathtub, or the toilet requires quite a bit of lifting, turning, pushing, holding, and pulling. All of these repetitive motions put your spine at risk for overuse injuries.

Other occupations that create spine hazards include warehouse workers, landscapers and gardeners, dentists and surgeons, and store checkout personnel. Is your job putting your spine at risk? Visit your Gahanna chiropractor today!